Welcome to Aircraft Shares Online.  


The concept is simple, a dedicated web-site where you advertise shares in your aircraft by posting a “flyer” with your share details.  The service will be free of charge to all aircraft owners and will be initially launched to cover the UK.


To ensure the quality and format of “flyers” is controlled, a simple proforma will be available to download which can be edited in a word processor with all your aircraft details.  You then simply email the PDF generated back to our support team who will check the flyer and post it on the web-site normally within 72 hours.  With all “flyers” being checked we can ensure that all are suitable and the format remains universal across the site making it easier for share buyers to find what they are looking for.


Please bookmark our page and check back shortly.


If you would like to contact a member of our team in the meantime we can be contacted at : info@aircraftsharesonline.co.uk

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